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When last I posted in dreamwidth:

- We had seen The Muppets, which I said was one long advertisement for a new season of The Muppet Show. We've got that new season, or rather we have "The Muppets" show, and it's not as good as it should be. Still better than no Muppets, though.

- We were looking for a new mattress. Eventually we purchased a memory foam mattress via CostCo's online service, and it's still the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on.

- Scott Lynch's second book about Locke Lamora had the release date slip. That just happened to the fourth book, too.

- There is still no /Method for Madness/. Nobody is surprised.

- Melissa Snodgrass wrote a book which I quite enjoyed (The Edge of Reason) and then I couldn't find the sequelae. Last week I came into posession of them, thanks largely to a visit to Pandemonium.

- I said that I should get a battery backup for my CPAP. I did. It has never been used to run the CPAP, which I find satisfying.

- Discovery Air (Canada) had ordered 45 blimps from hybridairvehicles.com. None of them have been delivered yet, and the first Airlander test flight is expected next month.

- I wrote "Damn it, Vinge, it's going to take you how many years to write the next story?" He has not published anything since.
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