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I decided to make a custard rather than the Philadelphia-style that I usually do. Basically, this means heating the dairy, carefully mixing in egg yolks, and then cooling it before spinning it in the ice cream machine.

The downside of this method is that small bits of coagulated (cooked!) egg yolk can appear as, really, little bits of scrambled egg in your ice cream. Somewhere there is room for this (I think it would be great to do a breakfast ice cream, maple flavored with scrambled egg...) but it's not really what people expect.

So I took the cooled mix and whizzed it in the blender for several minutes. This also had the effect of aerating the mix.

The resulting ice cream is far superior in texture to what I have been making. At least, right out of the machine, it is. And the Philly-style is not bad at all; this is very close to a high-quality premium ice cream... only with more cayenne pepper.
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